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You just need to fill below registration form & upload some of your awesome designs or images with our easy to use seller panel & that’s it. You’re ready to start earn passive income!


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

You just need to register as a seller and create an account . After that upload at least 5 resources (you can upload vectors, illustrations, images, or PSD files). We will review them and check if they are in good quality. You’ll become a seller and start earning passive income once your resources are live.

We’re looking for vectors, images, and illustrations resources in all kind of styles! But the required is quality

Currently we can not accept videos, animation and 3D renderings.

You can sell your vector art, illustration & images on Pikvector and earn passive income, register as a seller and upload your best creative designs.

Yes! you can sell your art on other platforms.

We have two purchasing models: First one is Pay-Per-Design and the second is Subscription.

So, it depends! if your design sell as an individual, then you earn 50% of revenue.

And in subscription model: 50% of the revenue will be distributed equally to all the sellers whose designs will be downloaded.